Enhancing Health & Social Care through Inter-Professional Education

A critical incident (good or bad) is an event which made you stop and think, or one that made you question an aspect of your beliefs, attitude, values or behaviour. It is an incident that stays in the mind and has significance for you and has an impact on your personal and professional learning.

The report does not have to reflect the client’s experiences. You should choose a critical incident. 

The assignment is about inter-professional education, consisting of different professional in health care settings. The work must be in line with general health care issues not to be base on NMC/RCN.

See the attached for the guidelines: Assessment.guidance.IPE.2017.docx.

– Do not use specific word related to nursing e.g NMC/RCN 
– Word relating to Department of health, NICE are acceptable
– Communication can be relating to NMC AND HCPC together, it must not stand alone.
– Look at a critical incidence relating to at least two or more different professional background 
e.g nurse+ doctor+social worker+occupational therapy+dietitian.
– You must articulate the role of each professionals involved in the scenario
– Do not use the word qualified nurse, instead use registered nurse


– Ultimate responsibility
– Voice of reasoning
– Importance of the Action
– Communication within teams

Additional instructions:

– Inter-professional Journal will be helpful
– No more than 3 points to be discuss
– Discussion must be generic across all the professions
– Safety
– Education
– Importance of working together

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