I’m working on a Literature exercise and need support.

o Read “Postwar and American Postcolonial Literature” (pp. 2227-2230).

o Read about Camus (pp. 2309-2312) and read “The Guest” (pp. 2312-2320).

Length: 3 pages

Format: APA format (no abstract) but do include a References page at the end.

Point of view: Write in 3rd person point of view (do not use: I, me, my, you, your, us, we, our, etc…)

Sources: Use only the assigned literature itself and the Bible; no other sources should be used. Evaluation: Paper will be graded according to Belhaven’s Seven Traits rubric posted on the course page and will also be evaluated based on following directions.

Topic: Choose one piece of literature from the course and follow this organization:

  • Paragraph 1: Briefly introduce the literature, its time period, and the author
  • Paragraph 2: Choose one theme and explain (main point author is attempting to communicate…for example, betrayal has consequences)
  • Paragraph 3: Choose one character from the literature and describe him or her. Select two or three strong adjectives to guide this paragraph.
  • Paragraph 4: Discuss the literature’s relevance to modern society and explain why students should continue to study it.
  • Paragraph 5: Apply a Christian worldview to the literature. Use brief Scripture quotations to support your ideas.
    • Make sure to specifically refer to examples and details from the literature and Bible to show your knowledge. Use 6-8 brief direct quotations (most from the literature), and make sure they are cited according to APA format. Do not pad the paper with long, unnecessary quotations.

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