CHOSEN AREA: Short Term Memory in Children



1.      Choose one of your journal entries to expand into a 4 minute presentation for families of young children. Explain in another journal entry (journal entry number 5) why you have chosen this topic,[from your original 4 Journal entries], to turn into a presentation for families (200-300 words).

2.      Create a 4 minute ‘Voiceover PowerPoint Presentation’. Your presentation should discuss your chosen topic and be aimed at families of children in early years’ classrooms. 




In order to teach literacy effectively, teachers must understand both literacy in the 21st century and young literacy learners themselves in regard to language acquisition, early reading and early writing. Through this assessment you will be able to demonstrate these developing understandings as well as your research, ICT and personal literacy skills.

Learning Outcomes that this assessment item meets include:

EPT127.1 Language, literature and literacy in the early years: Students will develop and consolidate their understanding of English content knowledge in the strands of language, literature and literacy with a focus on the early years (ages 4-8).


EPT127.2 Pedagogy: Students will consider the reading and writing processes at acquisition and the early stages of development and explore models of pedagogy for teaching and assessing reading, writing, listening, talking, viewing and representing in the early years.


EPT127.3 Learning about the learner: Students will learn how young children develop as speakers, listeners, readers and writers, viewers and creators. Students will develop their understandings of the diversity of young children in their rates and approaches to literacy learning. They will understand the impact of age, interests, background, language and culture on children’s language and literacy learning.


EPT127.4 Technology and literacies: Students will develop their understandings of how technology influences literacies.


Marking Criteria


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