The assignment is a piece of individual research which must be presented in the form of a very brief formal and professional report of approximately 1000 words (excluding references list or text in images etc). You must not simply take material from the internet or any other source without full and accurate referencing. Your references should be in a standard format (eg author, date). If in doubt – ask. Plagiarism may result in disciplinary action and a zero mark.


Your report must be objective, that is, you should not let your own views predominate. It must also be concise. Marks (for guidance only) will be awarded for:


            Clear, concise and unambiguous writing.                  20%

            Development of concise arguments.                          20%

            Evidence of substantial background research.          20%

            Presentation and report structure.                              20%

            Full and complete referencing.                                   20%


Your report should be written in a format similar to (but not necessarily identical to) a UK Postnote. Postnotes are commissioned by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology and are meant to be very short briefing notes on a specific topic. An important aspect is that the Postnote has lots of references so that the reader can source more details where needed. The first page should simply be your name, course title, report title and date. You should type in 10 to 12 point font with 1.5 line spacing.





  • Are electric vehicles a good thing? (A yes or no answer will not be sufficient!)

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