Using the attached file in Excel software answer the following questions:
6. Test each of your claims using a level of significance of .05 Using the p-value method. Show all steps.
1. a.)  Step 1: State claim in symbol form
2. b.)  Step 2: Determine Ho and Ha
3. c.)  Step 3: Determine the type of test (left, right, two-tailed) and level of significance.
4. d.)  Step 4: Find test value, which can be found by the calculator if possible. State which function and what you entered
5. e.)  Step 5: The p-values must be found using Excel.
6. f.)  Step 6: State conclusion and why.
7. g.)  Step 7: Rewrite conclusion in non-technical terms (complete sentence)
There is a total of 3 Hypothesis Tests (one for each claim).
7. Make summary of the entire project – The summary should be at least one double- spaced typed page (margins are 1 inch). Included in the summary should be what you learned about the parameters you tested (restate your claims and were you surprised about your conclusions after testing)?


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