effect of caffeine on a basil plant

How Caffeine effects plant growth. I decided to base my project on the effects Caffeine has on plants. I choose three different Basil herb plants and will water them with a little, medium and large amounts of Caffeine to determine the effects that Caffeine has on the plants. What is Caffeine??? Caffeine is found in seeds, leaves and the fruits of some plants, where it acts as a natural pesticide. Humans mostly extract Caffeine from the bean of the coffee plant and the leaves of tea bushes. Caffeine is the world’s largest drug and it was discovered in 1820.

Caffeine is used in many foods and drinks. Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid and acts as a stimulant drug. When you consume Caffeine it can trick you into thinking you are awake when really you are tired. Caffeine does improve alertness initially. 90% of adults eat or drink an average of 210 milligrams of Caffeine everyday. They mostly get their Caffeine from coffee, tea, soda or energy drinks. Is Caffeine healthy? High doses of Caffeine can be toxic but even after consuming Caffeine for years it does not pose health risk.

It even has a protective effect on some cancers and disease. If you drink or eat too much Caffeine at bedtime it can cause sleep disruption but most people are very tolerant. Will the Basil Plants be tolerate as well? Now that you know that Caffeine is derived from a plant how will that effect the growth of our Basil Plants? Plants feeding other plants. What is Basil? Basil is a culinary herb originally from India but is mostly used in Italian food. The Basil leaves are a leafy green color and give off a strong sweet smell.

Like Caffeine, Basil also has compounds that prevent disease and cancer Basil is very low in calories and have many nutrients that are great for your body. . First we will look at how does the Basil plant grow? The process by how a plant grows is by how it increases in size by growing taller or wider. Plants get help with their growth from the sun, rain, temperature and the weather around the plant. Photosynthesis is the process which green plants like the Basil Plant and other organisms use sunlight. Basil is sensitive to cold and is best grown in hot dry areas like my pool deck.

A full grown plant can reach three feet high. If Basil does not get enough water their leaves will wilt. If the Basil leaves start to turn yellow it indicates stress usually caused by too much water. Why do we need plants such as Basil? The planet Mars is non-livable because it doesn’t have plants. We use plants as food, as a food enhancer, to cure disease and for clothing. Basil is A main reason why we needs plants is because without plants we wouldn’t have oxygen that allows us to breath air. Native Americans use 2,000 different varieties of wild plants each year. Caffeine effects on plants.

Many people believe that Caffeine can help plants grow at a higher rate of speed, others believe that this is a myth. Right now there is no scientific evidence to support either theories. I am going to test different amounts of Caffeine mixed with equal portions of distilled water on three different basil plants placed within one inch of each other and each plant will receive the same amount of sunlight, weather and temperature conditions. I am using Pure Caffeine in a powder form for my experiments. Each plant will receive their Caffeine/water mixture at the same time every three days.

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