Ed 514 Capstone Project

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Respond to the following twelve (12) items about your specific research. Each response should be related to the research topic that you were assigned during the second week of this course.
Topic: developmental academic advising Your responses should not be a broad answer from the textbook. This means that each of your responses should prove that you understand the concept being posed in each question. Therefore, be sure that you provide detailed responses for each item based on the topic.

1. Identify your specific research question. Discuss why the research question is good based on the four essential characteristics that were discussed.

2. Why is this research problem/topic worthy of investigation? Use relevant literature with at least three (3) articles that are no older than ten (10) years.

3. Prepare a mini literature review using at least seven (7) articles no older than ten (10) years. The literature review should summarize/synthesize research that has already been conducted about the topic, showing patterns, disagreements, gaps, and indicate how your research fits in. The literature review should be written in APA format.

4. Identify the specific research method that would be most appropriate to address your specific research question. Include if the method is quantitative or qualitative.

5. Explain in detail why this method would be most appropriate.

6. Identify the proposed subjects for your study. Provide demographic information about the subjects. Why are these the appropriate subjects to conduct the study?

7. Identify what type of sampling method you would utilize for your proposed study. Why is this the most appropriate sampling method for this research?

8. What are the ethical concerns that may arise with conducting your research? How will you as the researcher deal with these ethical concerns?

9. Which IRB category will this research fall into? Provide an explanation.

10. Identify and attach the proposed instrument(s) would be used to collect the data for your research. You should consider using an instrument from research that has been already been conducted.

11. What is the validity and reliability of the proposed instrument?

12. Attach a properly formatted APA reference page. All of the references used in this assignment should be included on the reference page.

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