Choose a firm or an organization. It must not be BA, Nippon Steel or Cemex. It could be a business/organization you work for or any other in which you are interested. It could be profit-seeking or, alternatively, a not-for-profit organization. 

– You should set out the performance of the firm/organization in relation to its main competitors/comparators from 2006 until 2016. Conduct an economic analysis of the firm/organization, its wider macro context, its market exposures and its cost vulnerabilities. Does your analysis of these ‘fundamental economics’ of the firm/organization fully explain your data? If not, why not? What does your analysis reveal about the effectiveness of business strategy in your chosen firm or organization especially in 2008/2009? How well equipped is the business/organization to withstand further global economic shocks in 2017/18? 

1) Number of words 3000 words. This is a strict limit not a guideline (Tables, Diagrams, Charts, Figures, Titles and Content list are excluded from word count).

2) Focus on the fundamental in the lessons attached


Collection of data for company, competitor, market, industry and macroeconomics of the country/countries/region in which the firm operates in 
Exchange Rate
Government Policies
Perfect/ Monopolistic/ Oligopolistic competitions
Barriers to entry
Strategic Hell
Cost Vulnerability (short run & long run)
Human Capital
Price discremenation
Price Elasticity

Additional instructions:

The comparison with the competitor should be basic, nothing special. If the competitor with which you will compare has the same fundamental economics it will be MUCH preferred. 
The period 2006-2016 which you have been asked to look into is not a coincident. Its has been purposely given to you in order to examine all above before, during and after the big crisis.

– Demonstrate knowledge of the economic concepts
– Ability to use the concepts in the analysis of the chosen firm (this is what gives you extra marks)

Please see the attached for the lessons. Please note that on page 8 there are guidelines for this essay however, the information included here is what should be followed specifically as the client’s tutor changed the requirements slightly. Economics.of.the.Business.Environment.-.Lessons.pdf.

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