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You may know the specifics here better than I do.The conceptual issue is how free should be expression on the Internet.Traditionally, print media have almost unlimited rights to publish material, even print and pictures that many people find offensive.Language, sexual material, accusations, ridicule, bullying, lying, on and on – such expression is generally accepted in print.

Radio and television broadcasts send signal through spectrum space, a zone that is publicly owned in America.That ownership establishes authority for government to regulate content.The Federal Communications Commission is a government agency that sets rules for the use of those airwaves.Notoriously, George Carlin, a comedian, developed a routine about the Seven Words that You Can’t Say on Television.Needless to say, the mocking of a government agency that purports to protect the public was very popular.

Facebook and Twitter have had to decide what to do about remarks from President Trump that seem to be patently false.The historic position of Liberal culture is that almost anything goes with anyone objecting having the right to rebut.A marketplace of ideas is one way this freedom has been understood.

Interesting politics on this question.Sometimes people who favor wide latitude on sexual content draw the line on anything that mocks a race, ethnicity or sex.

Take a look at civil liberties, especially First Amendment cases involving censorship.Look at the new media companies like Google and Facebook to see what kind of issues arise in those forums.Issues like the Right to be Forgotten have been tackled in Europe which has a distinct approach to these questions from our policies.Do we have a right to be left alone?Is giving us 80 pages of fine print then asking us if we agree to the terms, an adequate way to protect privacy?

the above are mentioned to guide the essay into what you feel is appropriate. you could answer with your own opionin


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