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Answer these questions as completely as you can based on the documentary, “Tough Guise 2” and the readings under Section 3a: Maintaining Inequalities: Systems of Oppression and Privilege: Media.Your answer should be about 3-5 pages long.

1. How does Newman (Chapter 3) and the authors in the Ore book (readings 31 and 34) demonstrate that the media help to maintain systems of privilege and oppression? Provide at least 2 examples from each.

2. In addition, in reading 34: Metaphors Matter…how do inaccurate notions of race and often class, play a role in impacting people’s lives and society’s perception?

3. Finally, how does the documentary, “Tough Guise” argue that the media play a role in our understanding of gender and sexuality, particularly in our understanding of masculinity?



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