the research paper is one of the major requirements of this writing­intensive course. The assignment

is to formulate an interesting economic question, develop a research plan for bringing data to bear

on this economic question, obtain and manage the dataset, and use econometric methods in

conjunction with this data, informed by economic theory, to analyze and hopefully answer the

original economic question. More specifically, your economic question should link to one or more key

measurable variables and postulate whether there are differences in these measures across two or

more identifiable sub­groups in the population. A key requirement for the paper is that it must

include one or more formal statistical hypotheses and statistical tests of those hypotheses.

1. Introduction

a. Overview of the question to be addressed including the economic relevance of the question.

b. Discuss the economic theory behind the question and expected results based on theory.

2. Literature Review (at least 3 sources)

a. Discussion of published analysis on the topic, their key findings and how/why your

approach or sample may be different.

3. Methodology/Data

a. Describe data sources and statistical methods to be employed. This should include a clear

description of how your statistical method links to the question posed in the introduction.

b. Include summary statistics (sample means, standard errors, sample size, correlation statistics) of

your data.

4. Findings/Observations

a. This section presents the results of your statistical analysis.

b. Present/summarize your formal statistical test(s) and the conclusion(s) that follow.

c. Include a discussion of how your results are in line with, or deviate from, what would be

suggested by economic theory.

d. Discussion of any limitations to your analysis that might affect your results.

5. Conclusion

a. Summary of your findings.

b. Include a discussion of any potential deficiencies in your analysis and/or available data

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