distortion in brave new world

In Brave New World, Huxley exaggerates the fact that a world that strives for stability must eliminate individualism and relationships. One major distortion in Brave New World is the prevention of individualism. In order to live in a Utopia, a person cannot be an individual. Huxley makes this clear from the first page of the novel, revealing the World State’s motto of “Community, Identity, Stability. ” Conformity is what this society strives for. Individuals cannot make up a community, which is why these people are made identical in many ways.

From the beginning, the identical fetuses are bred solely to serve the community. They lack personal identity in order to sustain the stability of their society. Huxley uses this distortion to allude to the lack of uniqueness in our society and our willingness to conform. The level of control the World Leaders have on their citizens is also distorted. Huxley satirizes the idea that it is easier to control people by occupying them with detail and distracting them from major issues. The people are distracted by simple things, such as Electro-magnetic golf or the feelies.

Huxley uses these in comparison to our countless and unnecessary distractions like sports and entertainment. Another example of a distraction is death conditioning. The citizens are taught to accept death as a natural process. This process of death conditioning, however, is used to distract them from true emotions like sadness. This is not only a distraction, but it also causes the people to lose value of human life. Lastly, the main example of this is hypnopaedia. From infantry, children are brainwashed in sleep school, subconsciously remembering different phrases.

They are taught this so there is no need for original thought. These ideas are permanently ingrained into their minds so the whole society thinks exactly the same. Hypnopaedia is the ultimate form of control because it literally takes away the citizens’ sense of individuality. Huxley amplifies these aspects of society to emphasize that wanting too much stability will cause a loss of value of human nature. Another distortion in Brave New World is the prohibition of relationships.

Huxley suggests that in a perfect society, a stable population cannot thrive with intimate relationships. One aspect of this distortion is the reproduction process. This is used to prevent any mother-child or father-child bonds. On page 23, the D. H. C. talks to the young boys about the history of reproduction and parents. The boys are utterly appalled even at the thought of the words “mother” or “father. ” Later on in Brave New World when John and Linda are introduced to the society they are considered disgusting because of their relationship.

This exaggeration is important to the novel because it highlights our society’s willingness to detach from close relationships and family. Huxley distorts this example to a level that makes the reader understand this problem in his society. The last distortion in Brave New World is the amount of promiscuity in their society. Huxley attacks society’s compliance to replace real relationships with casual sex. In the civilization in Brave New World, it is actually frowned upon to have relations with only one partner.

For example, on page 40 Fanny says, “Do you mean to tell me you’re still going out with Henry Foster? ” They disapprove of monogamy because of the prohibition of relationships. Their use of sex for physical wants as opposed to emotional wants shows their need of instant gratification. Their lack of intimacy also allows them to use sex as a distraction. Huxley dramatizes this aspect of their society in order to ridicule our loss of value of relationships. This criticism of promiscuity allows Huxley to make people see the evidence of this problem in today’s society.

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