This is a paper that is focusing on the distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

Distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps

General Outline
Distinguishes current HRD gaps from systemic (non-HRD) gaps, anticipates HRD needs based on organizational strategy, and anticipates HRD needs due to changes in technology
Briefly tell how you would conduct an assessment. Then based on the case provide data from the case
Design your Proposed Solutions
For example …  strategy, objectives, method (fitted to the training target—skill, knowledge, interpersonal competency, or experiential growth), materials, and media (classroom or technological.) Only use that which is applicable to your proposals.
How Will You Develop Your Solution (above)

Organizes content assets (developed in the design phase) to plan timely and logical delivery of all learning components with proper integration.
How Will You Implement Your Solution
Such as contractor versus in-house facilitator, type of facility, use of technology, equipment, materials, scheduling/sequencing, constraints, and pilot test if feasible.
How Will You Evaluate The Effectiveness of Your Solution

SUGGESTION: use the four Kirkpatrick levels—reactions, learning (retention), behavior (transfer), and also organization-level results
Case Assignment Instructions and the Link to Access the Case Reading

Case Assignment Instructions and Link

The Assigned Case – A.P. Moller – Maersk Group: Evaluating Strategic Talent Management Initiatives.

The case can be found at the following link and costs about $8.95.


General Instructions Overview

The outcome of this assignment is a written report/research paper.  The general paper should be an assessment and also recommendation of the Case using the ADDIE Model.  Do not over complicate the assignment.  Read the Case then follow the ADDIE Model to write your paper. It’s that easy.  Details of the ADDIE Model and the rubrics used for grading are included in the module.

This is a ten point assignment and as such should be fairly comprehensive.  I would expect about 1,000 words is sufficient.
You are to use at least 5 ACADEMIC references to support your paper. Include these in your Reference section.
Make sure you follow the APA guidelines and also are appropriately documented in terms of references and in-text citations.

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