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Students will act as a volunteer to deliver the planned event and, as part of that activity, evaluate the experience of delivering the event based on personal observation and reflection.

Reports based on personal reflection on the volunteer experience must contain the following sections;

  1. Introduction to the event and description,
  2. Review of literature/concepts relevant to the management of events,
  1. A brief diary style time log identifying areas of volunteer involvement and relevant dates/times
  2. Personal observations of event management procedures and processes
  1. Summary of the evaluation with suggestions for future improvement or development, and
  2. Personal Reflection with respect to volunteer experience (ie what did you learn personally and how did it help you understand and apply the concepts learned in class)
  1. References

The report must be presented in 12 point font, 1.5 spacing with a 2cm margin on all sides of the page, referencing should follow the APA style.

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