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Class Discussion #2: Culture and Language

Culture often exists as an implicit reality and therefore goes unnoticed, but using a sociological approach to culture we can begin to understand the importance of beliefs, values, norms, and language. Read the following textbook chapter on culture, and then link to these websites:

Dying Languages | National Geographic (Links to an external site.)Dying Languages | National Geographic

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCNIBV87wV4&eurl (Links to an external site.)=

Answer the following questions (1 page, double spaced).

1. What was the first video about?

2. Why should we be concerned about a lost language?

3. What was the second video about?

4. What does the phrase, “like you know” say about American values, beliefs and norms?

5. Why do you think we question what we say?

6. Make the connection between the videos; in particular, what are we losing?


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