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Organizational Management & Communication in Disasters

Week 5 Crisis Leadership Organizational Culture and Management

Crisis leadership


Think about leadership in normal situations versus leadership in crisis or disaster times. What may differ? Organizational culture, management and leadership address different aspects that are intertwined and evolutionary. Leadership and decision making go hand in hand.

“Leaders are men and women of character who work with competence “on farms” with “seed and soil” on the basis of natural principles and build those principles into the center of their lives, into their mission statements. The challenge is to be a light, not a judge; to be a model. Not a critic.”
Stephen Covey- Principle Centered Leadership


The eight step training model disaster leadership.pdf

Discussion Bored Question (Facilitating training of leaders)

Articulate your analysis of the Eight step model of training for disaster leadership. Make certain to defend the essential components you identify.

APA Style

Kindly, answer all question clearly and completely.

Use your critical thinking on answer.

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