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What do we already know? This discussion will focus on data that we already have (secondary information) or data that can be obtained fairly easily and at a lower cost than conducting a full research study (exploratory data).

Our text defines exploratory research as being “conducted to gain ideas and insights to better define the problem or opportunity confronting the manager” (Brown, Suter, & Churchill, 2018, p. 41). Secondary data are, “data that have already been collected, often for some other purpose by some other organization” (Brown et al., 2018, p. 60). Find an example of one of these that applies to your group project to discuss for this thread. This may assist in further development of your proposal and evaluation of sources used for the final group submission.

Just because data exists doesn’t mean it is “good.” Take a look at this website – 6 Essential Questions for Evaluating Secondary Data Sources for more information on how to evaluate secondary information. In addition, you may need to review information in Chapters 3-7 to support your explanation. The purpose of this discussion is for you to think about what you already know about the group project (or could know easily) and what other information might be useful. I want you to discuss this with the entire class so you can all bounce ideas off of one another. Perhaps there is some information you need but do not know you need it yet.

so it needs apa format

at least 300 words

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