The course material that you will need you to read to write the paper are the following:

– Narcocorridos: An Emerging Micromusc of Nuevo LA

– Cocaine’s Long March North, 1900-2010

– Lecture Notes (P.S. – these lectures notes discuss the timeline of the corridos. Please read the notes.)

– El Narco; Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency (Please read chapters 4, 5, 6, and 7)

P.S. – You have already written a paper for me (order # 81953616) that required you to read chapters 1 and 2 from this book. If you need to, please re-read chapters 1 and 2.

Below is the course material from the previous paper you wrote for me (order # 81953616). It is necessary to still be familiarize with it because you will know about corridos and the narco culture. If you need to, please refresh.

– What is a Corrido (P.S. – This reading part of the last paper you wrote for me.If you need to refresh, please re-read the article.)

– Corrido 1 PowerPoint (P.S. – this was also part of the last paper you wrote for me. If needed, please review again.)

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