Approaching the question 
You are reminded that there is no “best” way to answer the question yet it is expected that you will demonstrate an understanding of the relevant literature and critical thinking. The purpose of the assignment is to help you: a) internalise the concepts, theories and models covered in the module, and b) develop the ability to critically apply them in practice

The assignment should: 
1. begin with a brief introduction outlining the aims, key arguments/conclusions and the structure of the assignment; (approx. 400-500 words)
2. provide an informative overview of the organisation, including the relevant characteristics such as industry, location, size, and age; (approx. 200-300 words)
3. describe the strategic goals and challenges of your chosen organisation by using the relevant concepts and theories from the module; You can use any of the theories and tools covered in the module to analyse your chosen organisation. (approx. 850-1,000 words)
4. Reflect on what the organisation could do to address these challenges (with reference to the theories covered in the module, the wider relevant literature and/or other business cases, if relevant); (approx. 850-1,000 words)
5. conclude with a summary of key points and possible recommendations. (approx. 400-500 words)

In addition to the criteria outlined above, you are expected to demonstrate: 
1. in-depth knowledge and understanding of the relevant literature; 
2. competence in identifying the relevant concepts, theories and models and in applying them to real-life organisational phenomena; 
3. ability to clearly articulate and communicate your own ideas and opinions in writing, to develop arguments, and to structure a written presentation in a logical and coherent manner.

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