Discuss the nature of the “charitable hospital” and the advantages an institution would have in being termed such. Find at least two charitable hospitals on the Internet and find similarities between the two. Be sure to include links to the websites so that your classmates can visit the sites as well.


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The charitable hospital is typically a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to providing care for an entire community. Often such organizations serve patients with no insurance or those with government funded coverage such as Medicare and Medicaid. However, today many for profit organizations also serve those with Medicare and Medicaid benefits. The charitable hospital can provide uncompensated care at a lower cost than government hospitals and provides uncompensated care to a larger population than for profit or government hospitals (Congressional Budget Office, 2006). There are many advantages for an institution that is designated as a charitable hospital. Tax exemptions from federal, state, and local governments make it easier for a charitable hospital to operate and provide …

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