Discuss in what type of market situations (size, growth, trend, area, etc.) might each type of managed care plan (HMO, PPO, POS, etc.) be the preferred model? Why? Support your response with a detailed explanation and include two APA citations


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In a market situation in which there is an economic trend towards rising healthcare costs, an HMO would be the preferred healthcare model. The reason that an HMO would be the preferred model in this situation, is due to the fact that the premium that individuals would be charged for access to a group of qualified physicians, would be much lower than what these individuals would have to pay in the premiums required for access to services on a one-on-one basis with private physicians and hospitals, etc. Due to the fact that the HMO allows individuals to him receive care from highly qualified doctors and physicians, as well as the fact that the prices that would be charged to the …

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