disadvantages of global warming

Efrain: Presenter +
Alan: Interviewee –
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Well, today at “Earth is our home” we are going to talk about the trending topic of the week “Global warming”.

+ (Efrain)
In my opinion the global warming isn’t as bad as most of people believe. Maybe if more people think objectively, they will find that the melting of the polar ice caps have a good function because frozen regions of the earth may experience more plant growth. Also it could bring longer growing seasons to increase agricultural production in same areas. The impact of this may affect some species and may extinct them, but it is a natural process, like dinosaurs once extinct, maybe is time for other species to extinct. Scientists have been quick to claim that global warming will cause more severe storms and a rise in hurricanes and all that sort of severe weather. But a brand new study in the journal Geophysical Research Letters suggests that it might actually be the opposite. The researchers suggest that warmer temperatures will actually decrease the amount of hurricanes.

– (Alan)

Day by day our planet earth is being destructed and affected by one of the most important and concerning issues, global warming. Many scientists and researchers have shown and proved the great number of disadvantages that this problem is causing and will cause in a near future. The main problem of global warming is the lack of consciousness among the people, and the careless attitude they take toward this topic. It is very important to be aware of the bad effects and the great damages and destructions this issue will certainly bring to human kind.

Global warming kills tons of polar bears, ice melts so badly that the polar bears cant find land and end up drowning.

The sea levels may rise. Technically this may be caused by melting ice from the polar ice caps or an increase in sea height as the less dense water is less compressed. Low lying land like many Pacific Islands and Miami will be under water. Ecological disadvantages of global warming

Loss of species habitat
Widespread extinction of species in the wild, and loss of biodiversity Increased desertification
Bleaching of corals due to the rising acidity of the ocean

Social disadvantages of global warming
Displacement of populations from low lying areas in parts of China, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom and some Pacific Island nations. Spread of some tropical diseases and malaria.
Possible food shortages

Economic disadvantages of global warming
Storm damage and resultant economic losses

Ocean circulation disrupted, disrupting and having unknown effects on world climate. Higher sea level leading to flooding of low-lying lands and deaths and disease from flood and evacuation. Changes to agricultural production that can lead to food shortages. More extreme weather and an increased frequency of severe and catastrophic storms. Increased disease in humans and animals.

Loss of animal and plant habitats.
Additional use of energy resources for cooling needs.
Increased air pollution.
Increased allergy and asthma rates due to earlier blooming of plants. Melt of permafrost leads to destruction of structures, landslides, and avalanches. Permanent loss of glaciers.

Global warming is a cycle of the earth (The End, Apocaliptic) Also there is a
theory that says that earth have cycles of warm and cold and in the natural cycle, the world can warm, and cool, without any human interference. But the difference is that in this natural cycle CO2 lags behind warming because it is mainly because of orbital variations that earth has. Now CO2 is leading the warming and making earth be over the natural cycle range. So it isn’t actually the best theory because human are helping the global warming with industries and vehicles that produce CO2. That was everything for today and I wish you could think about it.

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