You should choose ONE essay question from the eight listed below and construct an essay based on best academic practice. At post-graduate level you are expected to demonstrate analytic capability and to construct a fluent and logical argument. Your work should evidence extensive reading and research and be fully and accurately referenced. Again, more guidance is available in the Module Guide.

The questions relate to the workshops and you should refer to the readings listed in the Module Guide as starting points. 

The questions:

1. ‘Globalisation has fundamentally changed the nature of diplomacy’. Do you agree with this statement?

2. To what extent do you agree that Cardinal Richelieu is the father of modern diplomacy?

3. What is the most important function of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the contemporary world?

4. ‘Ultimately, the Thatcher government was responsible for the outbreak of the Falkland Islands War’. Analyse this statement.

5. Does successful diplomacy depend on ‘ripeness’? Discuss with reference to at least two case studies.

6. In your opinion, what aspect of Multilateral Diplomacy makes it so difficult to arrive at a successfully negotiated settlement?

7. Is the usefulness of Soft Power in the international system overstated?

8. What is the main reason for the continued survival of the resident embassy in the contemporary international system?

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