diamonds a girls best friend

Advertisement is seen everywhere, twenty-four hours a day seven days a week; in commercials when we watch television, in billboards when we drive, in magazines when we read, in the radio when we listen to music, and even on our favorite internet sites when we surf the web. Advertising has created a society in which ads tell the consumer what to buy. They tell us what we need to buy because they are portraying cultural trends that our society today has learned to follow; ads are then doing the job for us by informing us of what those trends are.

Advertisement encourages consumerism through the appeal of one’s emotion, logic, and ethics and like that consumers are bound to purchase products that will altogether give growth to the economy. The advertisement for Zales, The Diamond Store, found in the December 5, 2011 issue of Us Weekly uses diamonds representing water, a celebrity relaxing in a bathtub, and the phrase “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” in order to persuade women who are conscious of their appearance and beauty and so in search of jewelry or men who want to acquire a valuable gift as jewelry for women to buy their new Jessica Simpson collection.

Zales, The Diamond Store, has used Jessica Simpson as a spokesperson for its products. In the advertisement, she is naked since all she is wearing is a diamond necklace and is shown with her hair and make-up done. She is relaxing in a white bathtub filled with diamonds. The diamonds are white and shiny and her body is visible only from her shoulders up. Simpson is by herself and her right hand is delicately placed on the diamonds she is bathing in while her left hand is on the rim of her head, barely touching her hair.

The ad portrays Simpson as facing forward, to display her full face. She has a serious and relaxed look and the setting is filled with dim lights and dull coloring of shades of gray, black, and white. At the corner of the ad, there is a picture of the different styles of jewelry with the necklace Jessica Simpson is wearing a bit larger than the other two. Also, the ad uses a little amount of wording at the bottom along Jessica Simpson’s signature. Finally, the store logo is at the bottom right corner with its web address.

Diamonds represent water in the Zales advertisement displayed in an issue of Us Weekly magazine. The diamonds are all white and shiny. By doing this, Zales brings the attention to the diamonds. Water is plentiful and by using diamonds instead of water, it gives women the security that acquiring that many diamonds is possible. The money factor does not seem to be a major obstacle in obtaining that many diamonds. Women who can afford diamonds will now be encouraged to buy even more because the ad promises that diamonds are easy to obtain.

Women in society today, are very conscious about appearance which ties in with social standing and the great number of diamonds shown in the ad can play as the instigator to women purchasing that many diamonds for purposes of fitting in, that having that many diamonds is possible and not a negative investment. And so, the use of diamonds taking the place of water in the Zales ad proved to be positive in influencing women who are conscious of beauty and appearance to purchase their jewelry.

On the other hand, the use of diamonds also aims for the attention of heterosexual men trying to buy a gift for a woman. The fact that Jessica Simpson is bathing in the diamonds can play a great role in catching the attention of men. She is bathing and one might think that she is naked. Naked or not, Jessica’s sex appeal is present. Her body is covered with the diamonds with only her shoulders showing. In the mind of a heterosexual male, he might think that if he purchases his significant other this jewelry then he might be picturing her bathing too.

And, Simpson is relaxing so it might be interpreted as if the jewelry was bought then the woman who the gift is for will then be relaxed too. At the same time the abundance of diamonds can encourage men to keep buying gifts as this jewelry for women. Altogether, the ad’s use of diamonds in a bathtub gives men the thought that they should buy Zales jewelry as a gift for women. The use of Jessica Simpson bathing in the Zales advertisement encourages others to buy the product. Zales’ new jewelry collection features Jessica Simpson. oRemind the reader of your thesis • • oBriefly summarize your analysis of each feature (1 sentence max for each) • • oPerhaps even acknowledge that while in your estimation the three feature of the ad analyzed are not all of the features included in the ad, they are nonetheless (again, in your estimation) the most important to the ad’s overall effectiveness at targeting a particular consumer. Last feature is the variety of the jewelry placed at the bottom so represents personalization and variation look for quote in book

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