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Gill Valentine talks about looking at “geographies of encounter” as a way to forge civic culture out of difference. In this paper, you will describe your everyday multiculturalism through the ways in which you encounter difference in your day to day life. With whom do you live, work, and study? Drawing on concepts, theories, and material covered in this course, you will examine the micropolitics of your day-to-day encounters and analyze why your geographies of encounter are the way they are. Who are your friends and professors? What types of people do you encounter in your movement around the city and suburbs? 6 How have these geographies of encounter changed during your life? What variations do you see in terms of space? Then analyze why your geographies of encounter are the way they are. What does your experience say about the possibility of genuine multiculturalism? How do you think your geographies of encounter and experiences of multiculturalism may change in the future, and why? Would you want them to change? You can include photographs and other images as an Appendix. The journal should be 5-7 pages in length, not including the Appendix. Papers should be written in Arial or Times New Roman font 12, with 1-inch margins and double-line spacing.

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