Describe the impacts of consumerism in regards to information technology, claims management, and member services when dealing with healthcare providers. What tools and value added quality will be expected of health care providers? What changes will health care providers need to make to be competitive and gain consumers and maintain existing members? Watch The Role of IT in Public Healthcare Service video and discuss your opinions on information technology and Health care. Include two APA citations


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One way in which consumerism would impact information technology, is to the availability of a wealth of healthcare-related knowledge that can be gained through utilizing Internet sources, due to the fact that the information that is becoming available to individuals is growing on a daily basis, and individuals can utilize this readily available source of knowledge instead of direct contact with healthcare practitioners, etc. for information. The expanding level of consumerism in conjunction with the greatly increasing Internet centered knowledge base that is available to individuals, will serve to make information technology an increasingly viable and important part of the healthcare paradigm, as well as the knowledge-based economy overall. In addition, consumerism will even impact the number and kinds of jobs within the healthcare field, due to the fact that there will be a predictable decline in the number of healthcare professionals in some areas, due to the fact that individuals have the ability to conduct a …

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