4-5 pages I need literature survey on Microsoft Azure and how real time analysis of the data will do in the Microsoft Azure.

3 pages on types of process for corrosion measuring. I already written on this topic on attached document. I need some more writing on each process.

2 pages on types of sensors for measuring corrosion. I alredy written on this topic in my document which is attaches here. I need some extra writing on each sensors.

Now I need to write one practical on it which is on corrosion measuring by ultrasonic thickness sensors.

I done the practical on two pipe one of them is brand new and one of them is fully corroded around 5-7 years old. I measure the thickness of both pipe with manual ultrasonic thickness sensor. I will upload my data and I will also upload the picture of the sensors. In the procedure make sure that I need to apply gel between transducer and pipe.

1/2- half page of introduction about it.

1 pages for procedure of the practical about to measure corrosion by ultrasonic thickness gauges.

Then in 4 and half pages ….

I need results with the graph which should be made in MATLAB software. I will provide my data.

I need discussion about this Practical in this you have to come up with some corrosion rate equation or you need to explain how to measure corrosion rate. So for that you need to give equation about corrosion rate and how other factors will affect the corrosion all needs to include in it.

In the last I need 4-5 lines conclusion.

I also need MATLAB code for the results and please don’t include this code in 16 pages I need it separately and attach as appendix.


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