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Nowadays, various social networking sites like Faceable, Instating and Twitter develop rapidly and are extremely popular with us. However, have you ever noticed the harm of the misuse of these sites could do to us? Bullying is no longer remained limited to the real world, cyber-bullying is one of the common misuses of these websites. Gossiping about someone, spreading rumors or slandering other’s reputation are the common means of cyber-bullying.

Cyber- bullying is so easy by Just posting things on the internet that makes cyber- allies may think that these are only Jokes and not aware that their acts hurt. Yet another popular and harmful act of cyber bullying involves creation of fake accounts or web page or online persona to hurt someone or harass them. Electronic devices like smartness, computers and tablets combined with the use of communication tools like social media sites, text messages, chat, and internet websites are Increasingly used for cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying is thus a serious problem which leaves vellums helpless and overwhelmed. Today, most teenagers are techno-friendly and start playing online games or sending text messages over internet messengers or using other social internet media at a very early age. Some teenagers don’t have very many friends in school or outside of school. Internet Is their escape, their safe-haven and when they are bullied there they feel Like they don’t belong anywhere. Though this kind of bullying happens through the air and not face to face, but it can directly harm our life.

As teenagers are still growing up, we may not be able to pope with our emotional problems well. Teenagers who are victims of cyber bullying may have lowered self esteem and health problems or may tend to skip school and receive poor grades. Drug abuse and alcohol Intake Is also likely to result teenagers who are bullied. Cyber-bullying, the verbal evidence on the Internet, can easily cause adverse psychological effects on us, which in turn affects our academic performance, daily life or even our invaluable future. This cyber-bullying will definitely make us depressed.

If this situation continues, how can we lead a normal life? Action we take. When we intend to post something on the internet, we should consider thoroughly the influence of our actions on millions of the internet users around the world. Never treat our message as a Joke. Be a responsible internet user at all times. Last but not least, I hope all of us can think deeper about the uses of these social networking sites. They are supposed to be a medium to link up the world. Starting form today, let us use these sites with a correct attitude. Thank you.

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