This is a paper that is focusing on current and personal economic events and decisions report. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.

Current and personal economic events and decisions report

This assignment is aligned to this course outcome:

Apply macroeconomic concepts to current and personal economic events and decisions.

In addition to writing about macroeconomic concepts, it’s equally important to be able to convey your understanding of these concepts by communicating them to others. In the workplace you might do this by writing briefs (like you did for Assignment 1), creating presentations, or writing reports for your manager or team. An example final report and also optional template are provided below.

For this Final Report assignment, you can build off your previous economic brief and selected industry from Assignment 1, or you can select another industry such as Finance and Insurance, Health Care, or Manufacturing, and examine one of the macroeconomic indicators or policies below:

GDP growth
Unemployment rates
Inflation rates
Interest rates
Imports and exports
Government fiscal policy and issues related to taxation, government spending, and also budget deficits
FED (central bank) monetary policy and issues related to the FED’s mission to stabilize the economy

Example Final Report, Assignment 2 Template, Strayer Writing Standards

Review an example final report.
Use the optional template to help you get started.
Review the Strayer Writing Standards. (See Instructions below.)


Use Microsoft Word to prepare a Final Report that is a minimum of two to three (2-3) pages long in which you:

1. Firstly, introduce your selected industry with a brief one-paragraph introduction. Refer to the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) to review the details about your industry.

2. Secondly, assess your selected industry’s size and/or growth rate in the economy.

Additionally, these macroeconomic resources will help you find the size and growth rate of your industry relative to real U.S. GDP:

• Real GDP – Select Section 1, then table 1.1.6 (select MODIFY to change the year range and frequency). Data is from Bureau of Economic Analysis (

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