Critique a qualitative research study and write a summary using the Research Article Evaluation Tool for quantitative research studies.

Attached is the evaluation tool in which the paper in which must be critiqued is attached as well. You can pretty much use a local New Jersey (fake) hospital to apply the review areas to that fake workplace.

An evaluation tool serves as a helpful guideline to assist in the critical appraisal of research studies. The qualitative study tool serves as a guideline to reflect the uniqueness of the qualitative research paradigm, specifically, its concerns with meaning, context and depth. Particular emphasis lies on the areas of study context and the process of data collection and analysis. The tool has six sub-sections: study evaluative overview; phenomenon studied and context issues; ethics; data collection, analysis and researcher bias; policy and practice implications; and other comments. It provides a template of key questions to assist in the critical appraisal of qualitative research studies.

Provide an adequate description using your critical thinking skills to apply the review areas to your workplace.

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Critique of Qualitative Research Study
This guide uses the article titled ” Executive Leadership Development in U.S Health Systems (Mc Alearney 2010)
1. Citation
The citation for this article is
McAlearney, A, S; Sinioris, M. (2010) Executive Leadership Development in U.S Health Systems .Journal of Healthcare Management; 55(3). 206.
2. What is the purpose of the article?
2.1 The purpose of this article is to interrogate the importance of Executive Leadership Development (ELD) in health care organizations, how widespread its implementation is across the United States and to further study how it is applied, lessons learned and views from employees.
2.3 The author in this case has used the findings to state the purpose of the study. For instance the heading clearly states the dangerous multi-drug prescription of both opioids and sedatives. In stating that “multidrug use is the trailing edge of the opioid epidemic” (Sullivan 2015), the author is indirectly bringing out the objectives of the study in finding out the extent of the problem. Can you guess what the author is trying to do? (hint: effect on breathing and risk overdose death)
3. Theoretical Framework
3.1 This section is also referred to as the literature review section. In your own words, what theoretical framework guides the study?

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