Assume that you are a legal executive in the criminal litigation department of Messrs H M Mak & Co. solicitors In Central.

Your firm has been retained by Adonis Man. Adonis has just been arrested for an alleged shop theft offence and is being detained in Wanchai Police Station. 
You accompany the partner of your firm to the Police Station to see Adonis. The duty officer informs your principal that Adonis has been arrested in relation to a shop theft offence in Lane Crawford, Central which took place on the 25th July 2017. 

(a) The police intend to question Adonis about the incident. Adonis informs you that the police have made a mistake as he was not involved in the incident as he was in Macau on the 25th July 2017. What advise will you give him?

(b) The police want to hold an identification parade for Adonis as they have an eye witness to the incident, Mark Anthony Chan. What advise will you give Adonis? 

(c) What advise will you give Adonis concerning court bail? He has a clear record, works as a hairdresser in Hong Kong and lives with his family and 5 dogs.

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