Students will develop policies to help reduce future risk in the organisation, paying appropriate attention to legal, cultural and ethical issues in their context; identifying the assumptions underpinning their analysis and the extent to which these assumptions have been tested and will hold true in other, international contexts.

Please construct the assignment exactly as per my bullets point below;


Innovative approach and creative thinking

Focuses and fosters internal organisational entrepreneurship. Proposes a program to rewards innovation. Builds the strategic framework to foster innovation and learning. Has a comprehensive plan to create a learning organisation.

Clear description of the process used to analyse strategic issues


Shows innovation in the process of analysis and elaborates pros and cons considered for each key step of analysis

Ethical and social considerations for strategic solutions

Uses a clear framework to identify competing interests and views. Sophisticated understanding of the ethical and moral positions and the need to address cultural difference

Global perspectives for strategy

Considers foreign direct investment, regional economic integration and the international monetary system. Elaborates competitive advantage and competitive strategies for international businesses.

Assessment of organisation’s strengths and limitations


Please used SWOT analysis and integrates PEST analysis factors for each elements  of the analysis. 

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