Create a strategy for a new health organization in which you serve in a leadership position. Use APA formatting (use citation and references)

Write a brief summary about the function of the organization. What is the purpose for this organization? What population does this organization serve?
What governing body structure would best suit this organization?
Produce a mission and vision statement for this organization.
Describe the culture (norms, values, beliefs, and behaviors) you want to develop in order to fulfill the mission and lead the organization to higher levels of performance.
How would you nurture the culture as a leader?
How would you encourage middle managers to advocate the culture?
How would you promote employee support of the culture?
Create a plan for monitoring the development of the organizational culture. If, as the culture developed, it deviated from the mission and vision you foresaw,
a) What steps would you take to encourage the organization to get back on track?
b) How can you determine that the culture the organization naturally developed is not better for the organization than the one the leadership foresaw?
Design an organizational chart that illustrates the structure of the organization. Be sure to describe the roles and functions of the essential positions.
Be sure to support your points with appropriate references to the literature.


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// Before writing about the purpose of the healthcare organization and the population it serves, it is essential to have knowledge about the functions of the organization. One should know about the functional areas in which the organization operates, in order to assess the purpose of the organization. //

Functions of the healthcare organization

New healthcare organization performs various functions that are helpful to attain the stated goals and objectives. These are as follows:…………………….



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