Words: 2,000 words

Your Wine Co case study report: (The case details is in the following page, please scroll down)

You have asked your staff and fellow directors to give you their thoughts on issues you should address in your role. You will need to prepare a report addressing the following requirements.

1. Your first task, after reviewing these memos, is to write yourself a performance plan, prioritising the things you should be doing in your first year of appointment, and justifying why these are the important things for you to be doing. You can rank some priorities equally if you wish.

2. Your second task is to (a) identify where you think this firm presently sits in terms of competitive advantage through its HRM; (b) identify where it might be able to develop competitive advantages in the future; and (c) how you could most help to achieve that.

Assessment marking criteria:

• The key issues for the organisation are identified

• Analysis and synthesis of relevant strategic management and strategic HRM literatures.

• Ideas and assertions substantiated through use of high quality reference material and key academic perspectives/views have been used

• Explicit linking of the literature to addressing the issues

• Appropriate (and practicable) recommendations and strategy are proposed

• Appropriate Harvard style referencing (in-text and list of references)

• Clear and comprehensive written style (spelling, grammar, syntax etc.)

A good quality report is likely to use at least 20 high quality academic sources (e.g., peer reviewed journal articles, edited book chapters, university or reputable institute whitepapers…)


Writing format:

Report Structure:

Title page (Your name, student number, and the topic title. Contents page not required.)

Executive summary (150-200 words)


In your introduction you outline what you are going to do. An introduction needs to outline the purpose, context, background rationale. You need to ensure you identify issues specifically related to what you have been asked to cover. 

The body of your report

What we are interested in is your capacity to synthesise, and communicate well researched analysis of the issues at play for Wine Co. Your report will need to integrate suitable academic quality literature to support your observations and assertions.


This where you write what you have concluded based only on your research – this is where you can base your opinion on your research and express an opinion. The conclusion is not a summary.

References: Harvard referencing please.

Font and spacing: Times New Romans or Arial 12 font.


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