“It will therefore be further argued that we should move away from focusing on issues of classification, and focus instead on the two key issues at the heart of all forms of judicial review, namely what in substance is alleged to have gone wrong with the decision, and how intensively that issue is to be reviewed”. R Williams, ‘Structuring Substantive Review’ [2017] PL 99, 100 

Critically examine the merits or otherwise of this argument.

a) Understand and evaluate the theoretical underpinnings of constitutional law and practice in the United Kingdom;
b) Recognise the various legal, practical and political factors which have shaped and are shaping the constitution of the United Kingdom;
c) Assess the potential of the law as a mechanism for regulating the actions of government and public authorities, as well as its limitations.
d) Independently analyse both legal source material and relevant contextual source material;
e) Present appropriately structured legal argument. 
f) Apply principles and arguments to factual situations, in order to suggest solutions and/or evaluate alternative courses of action;
g) Utilise communication skills in order persuasively to advocate a specific point of view, convince others of its merits, and distinguish it from alternatives;
h) Organise a diverse range of material into a coherent and rational whole, reflecting and supporting a particular perspective or point of view.

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