Consider your leadership role involving the CDC and government officials. There is a Hepatitis – A virus infection pandemic. Establish an immediate response to the pandemic.

Based on the leadership role you selected for the assignment, include the following:

• A summary of the leadership challenges this leader would face in assuring the system changes necessary to be prepared for the next pandemic

• An explanation of how your leadership challenges as this leader relate to challenges of the other leaders listed above.


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The leadership challenges that will be faced by the CDC during a pandemic of Hepatitis A virus infections will be significant and entail the type of system of leadership used, decision challenges that include a failure of imagination, organizational/political decisions, and the notion of what is considered an acceptable amount of lives loss. In addition, focusing on what the public wants and expects and trying to align this with what is needed is also challenging for the leadership as it places strain on leaders to accomplish what is needed.

Therefore, leadership will have challenges understanding the roles and how their authority and ability to exercise options are ultimately accountable are major challenges. This requires the acquiring of information and facts, the capacity to analyze, and the necessary expertise and credibility to create public confidence in leadership in the CDC. It’s challenging to establish a familiarity trust balance with the public during a pandemic such as Hepatitis A …

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