Conduct a literature review to obtain material related to the assigned theorist and the model. The material should include research conducted in the theory or model, with clinical examples.

Click here to download a document that provides guidelines for the literature review. (See attachment)

Do literature search on the theorist and provide a brief overview of the theorist’s background. Also complete a 1-page summary for each of the five articles (see attachment) related to the theory and theorist, the top of the page should have the complete reference in APA format.



NSG5002 Advanced Theoretical Perspectives

Guidelines for Evaluation of Summarized Literature Review


1. Select five articles that reflect a comprehensive literature review of the theory

propounded by the theorist you have been assigned and summarize each. The

articles should contain at least two primary and secondary sources, one of which

must be a research article.

2. A primary source is an article written by the theorist herself. A secondary source is

an article written about the theory or its use by another author. A research article is

one in which the theory was used as the foundation for a research study; this may

be a primary or secondary source depending upon whether the research was done

by the theorist or by someone using her theory.

1. Start each summary on a separate page. Summaries should be one page

in length for each article. Begin each summary with the correct APA citation of the article.

2. The summary should contain an introduction, a synopsis of the article, and a

conclusion that contains your own evaluation of the article and its relevance.

3. Integrate all articles into a comprehensive reference list at the end of the literature



Selection reflects research into the historical perspective of the


Selection reflects breadth of research into the theory and its

utilization and evaluation.


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NSG5002 Advanced Theoretical Perspectives

Summary is articulate and includes the entire article.

Summary clearly describes the author’s perspective.

Editorial/personal response demonstrates critical thinking.

Note: Points will be deducted for incorrect APA citation and poor composition.


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