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Students will get to choose from three of the cumulative essay questions from the list below. Students are requir

Describe the origins and development of the Cold War. How would you define the term? When did it begin? What were the key elements of America’s Cold War strategy? How did it affect American life in national politics and foreign policy? How did it come to an end?
Some historians have called the Civil Rights movement the “second Reconstruction.” Compare and contrast the Reconstruction era with the Civil Rights movement after WWII. What gains were made during Reconstruction? What happened to many of these gains in the era of Jim Crow? What were the goals of 20th-century Civil Rights activists, and how successful were they in achieving their aims?
Modern America has evolved from a country divided by Civil War into a superpower with a presence across the globe. Describe three key events that contributed to this transformation and discuss whether this loss of isolationism was positive or negative for America.
Presidents of the United States have faced their share of controversy. Describe three such controversies, outlining the origins of each scandal, the President’s response, and the impact of the controversy on American politics.
Modern United States history has been profoundly shaped by diversity of the American people. Drawing from examples in Voices of Freedom, describe the American experience from three different perspectives, focusing on the challenges facing each person or group and how they responded to those obstacles. Make sure to incorporate the broader historical context surrounding their circumstances and to select perspectives from different time periods.

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