Compare and contrast marketing techniques among for profit vs. non-profit organizations.

Suppose that you are the manager of a start-up health care organization that previously had a for-profit structure, but has achieved non-profit status. Describe how you would change your marketing strategy.


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Marketing strategies for profit vs. non-profit health care organizations do have their similarities, as well as some obvious differences. Both organizations need to take a clear look at whom they are serving and describe the need in the marketplace. That is, both organizations need to recognize the audience that they are targeting and strategize their marketing plan so that it will reach the audience of interest. Both organizations have their own financial goals to achieve (i.e. a target goal of the amount of money that must be generated) revenues come from some form of leads, which must be generated using marketing tools that fit the firm/organization, aimed at keeping a funnel or pipeline full of prospects. Both use their own resources in order to achieve the optimal outcome of revenue. In the case of profit and non-profit health organizations, these resources are limited and must be organized in such a way as to best be used to achieve the optimal outcome. Both organizations must also provide a compelling reason to donate/purchase from the perspective of the targeted audience. What is the compelling offer today that would make your …

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