You now work in the mutual fund department of a large international investment bank. Your new boss has asked you whether the company should offer a global/international fund by investing in companies around the world. Will this offering benefit the potential investors? What is different about this new offering when comparing to a domestic offer?


Your boss is also interested in knowing the relevance of corporate governance when it comes to selecting companies to be included in this new global fund. What practical advice can you give to your boss?  Is there any theoretical justifications for your advice?


As you new boss was a finance professor, he wants to see a thorough and comprehensive discussion of these matters. He is expecting a proper research report with appropriate research and referencing.





  • The aim of this project is to use the knowledge you have acquired in International Finance (and other subjects) to demonstrate your research skill and your ability to convince your audience why global diversification and global corporate governance are important.




There are two parts in this report (global investment and global corporate governance). Please allow 500 words each part. Make sure you have a reference section at the end of the report using the correct style (APA or Harvard, see



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