You are to investigate a company of your choice and based on your research make an argument for continuing with their current strategy approach or make changes due to the changing nature of their industrial context. You might even argue that they should exit a market. Conduct research into the decision making and strategic choices made by EITHER one of the pre-selected organisations listed below OR pick an organisation of your own and agree with your module tutor (we need you to agree it with us to ensure the organisation is suitable).

YOU CANNOT DO THE SAME COMPANY AS YOU DID FOR THE ORIGINAL SUBMISSION – WE WILL CHECK YOUR ASSESSMENT AGAINST OUR RECORDS OF THE FIRST ASSESSMENT. Using theoretical models or perspectives explored on the module to underpin your discussion, critically examine and analyse the decision making and strategic approach in the on-going development of their products and brand as outlined in their publically available information and from other sources – what are possible risks and rewards from their current direction and do you think that it will lead to sustained value creation1 , if you do not, what changes do you recommend? 

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