Discuss the value of intercultural communication theories in relation to your own experience as a student or in the workplace. Refer to at least two theories covered in the module and explain how they relate to your academic or working life, referring to specific instances or situations.



You should also consider the limitations of these theories.


Please note that for this assessment, the essay must be in your own words as language and communication are part of the assessment criteria. Proofreading is not permitted and you should not receive help from any third parties.







Type your answers in a Word document in Arial font size 12, using double or 1.5 spacing.


Please submit your work online as an e-submission through Study Direct.



Submission date: See your Sussex Direct pages.



For information about submitting your work through Study Direct (e.g. file requirements) refer to: http://www.sussex.ac.uk/tel/submission/students/esubmission


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