Communication Channel and Context Matrices

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Communication Channel and Context Matrices

Part I – Communication Channel Matrix

Fill in descriptions of the characteristics and examples, pros, cons, and recommended etiquette of each communication channel.

Communication Channel Matrix

Communication channel Characteristics and examples Pros Cons Etiquette for managers and staff
Personal e-mail
Company-wide e-mail
Phone call
Virtual meeting or web conference
Face-to-face meeting

Part II – Communication Context Matrix

Recommend and provide justification for the appropriate communication channel you would use in the following contexts. In your justification, explain whether the channels may vary according to company size or culture.

Communication Context Matrix


Recommended channel

(specify the type of intrapersonal, interpersonal, public, mass, or computer-mediated context channel)

Publicizing a change in employee benefits
Handling a conflict situation between virtual teams
Handing a conflict situation between a manager and an employee
Detailing a new procedure to a small number of employees
Training a team on a new software program
Explaining a new process to the company
Announcing promotions
Announcing the termination of a dangerous employee
Announcing a major reorganization
Announcing a major layoff cycle

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