Assignment: Commercial Law for Business 2017.

The word limit for this assignment is 1500 words.


Parliamentary sovereignty is a key doctrine of the UK’s unwritten constitution. It is undermined by the

supremacy of European Union Law.



NB Please note that the case of Millar v Secretary of State for Exiting the EU is not relevant to this

question. Any discussion of Brexit should be minimal and should be strictly limited to the extent to

which it would eliminate supremacy of EU law and therefore restore parliamentary sovereignty.

Refer to the chapters and sections on parliamentary sovereignty and supremacy of EU law

Use at least 4 sources for this assignment

Use relevant case law

Ensure that you use your own words to avoid plagiarism. References and bibliographies are not

considered in the word count.

Footnotes are accepted but should in themselves not exceed 150 words for the total assignment.

Please present the assignment in essay style rather than a descriptive report style

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