This coursework is designed to assess the following learning outcomes:


Analyse the law relating to the use of agents in business.

Understand how the law of agency relate to other branches of law and dispute resolution.


Part A

In no more than 500 words critically analyse the case of Chaudhry v Prabhakar [1989] 1 WLR 29.


Part B

In no more than 1000 answer the following problem question.

Safety Gear GmbH makes the latest safety clothing and safety boots in Germany. These Coats are made to the highest specification for which they are well known.


Safety Gear GmbH contract with Ali on 1 Jan 2016 to sell their safety clothing large and medium construction and manufacturing business in England. Ali is to receive 30% gross commission on all orders that he places. Ali contracts in the name of Safety Gear GmbH.


Ali wishes to achieve greater sales and so he also takes 10 large from Scotland. The gross commission he believes he is due to earn from these orders is £100,000. Highly delighted with the sale, Hot Coats GmbH confirms the order and dispatches the goods.


At the end of the quarter in which Mohammed is due to get paid his commission. He notices that the Scottish orders’ commission is absent. He contacts Hot Coats GmbH and is told that he is not entitled to any payment as this area was covered by Jane. However, at the time of placing the orders Jane had resigned to go and work for another business. Safety Gear GmbH proposes that Ali should adopt Scotland as part of his area.


Advise Safety Boots GmbH as to the commission from the 10 large orders and also on the future commissions re Scotland.

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