Important aspects of Title:
– Using a serious case review as a trigger, analyse the ways in which personal, professional and social issues impact upon collaborative working and the service user and carer experience.

Things to consider:
– Remember this is not an assignment regarding the safeguarding of children, it is considering personal, professional and social issues to team working that occurred within the highlighted SCR. However, you may wish to make reference to situations that have arisen from poor collaboration or communication to provide context to your work, for example Baby P.

Things you could consider are:

Personal Issues
– Communication Style
– Knowledge, expertise and understanding
– Trust
– Values and Beliefs

Professional Issues
– Number of professionals involved; Advantages and disadvantages of having multi-profession involvement.
– Communication; Written and Verbal.
– Roles and Responsibilities; How are these defined and managed.
– Team working; Was this effective.
– Leadership

Social Isuses
– Language barriers
– Cultural Differences
– Societal expectations
– Focus; In this the “The children appeared fine”.
– Education
– Engagenent

– Referral Processes
– Knowledge
– Assumption; Someone else will follow up?
– Hierarchy
– Trust; Of one another, of service users themselves.

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