Please choose ONE of the following essay questions (Word limit 2000):

Option 1: Best evidence, clinical expertise and patient values are the three elements of evidence based practice: Explain the challenges of adopting each of these three elements in an applied setting.

Option 2: Describe and discuss what is considered ‘best evidence’ within the evidence based practice model.

Option 3: Describe the scientist practitioner model and discuss its relevance for Clinical Psychologists.

Students are advised to start working on the essay as soon as they can, and to ask any questions they may have early on. 

The essay should be a maximum of 2000 words. The word count includes the body of the essay but it does NOT include the reference List.

The essay should follow APA-6 style and format, and should include in-text citations from peer-reviewed resources (e.g., Journal Articles and Book Chapters). 

You are also fine to use articles obtained from: ProQuest, Web of Science, JSTOR, SceinceDirect, Medline, PsycARTICLES, Google, Google Scholar, ResearchGate or from Published Journal Homepages and so forth. 

Note: In addition to creativity and thoroughness, the essay will also be graded on your ability to meet the word limit, scientific writing style, grammar/punctuation and use of APA-6 style and format (e.g., double spacing, page numbers, running head, paragraphs etc.). There is a guide for APA formatting on Blackboard for this module.

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