You are a trainee lawyer in the firm of Kempstons, Manor House, Bedford, MK42 7AB. You are part of the civil litigation team and your supervising partner is Amanda Travis. The nearest county court is Bedford.

The exam is going to be 1 hour 30 minutes.

The focus should be on advising the clients in each area of the case in the capacity of a lawyer, in view of the assessment skills and learning outcome attached. Forms that should be used must be listed and the prospects of the case, if the client wishes to take or not take the advice and the consequences.

Quote the case law as per those listed in the assessment criteria attached and any others that may be useful. Highlight what cost maybe involved and if any ADR would be needed. List the steps of the Pre-action Protocol and any rules that may apply under the PD if any of the cases have to go to trial for the personal injury claim.

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