This case study highlights a number of issues for an Aboriginal person with chronic illness. 


Case Scenario

Paul is a Koori man in his fifties and lives in a rural area in Victoria with his partner Rodney. Paul has recently had cataract surgery and lives with diabetes, depression and Hepatitis C. In his younger years Paul liked to party but in his forties settled down as he became more mature and realised the impact partying was having on his health. Paul is passionate about being an Aboriginal community member, loves to attend local community events and often picks up friends and family on the way to events in his car. The day after having eye surgery in the city Paul receives a visit from an Aboriginal Health Worker, Eddie, from the local Aboriginal Health Service.

You must read the full transcript of the interaction between Eddie and Paul (separate file)

Using the case study, adopt the role of primary health care nurse to construct the following clinical action plan.

Clinical Action Plan

In preparing your Clinical Action Plan (CAP), please ensure that you address the following:


1- Develop a concept map identifying Paul’s life story, strength’s and concerns related to psychosocial factors, activities/ hobbies, physical environment and general health (750 words equivalent*)

2- Using the care plan template provided, develop a person-centered nursing care plan for Paul addressing physical, social, emotional and cultural well-being.  Ensure that the plan reflects Paul’s goals and uses his strengths. Your care plan should address two issues (at least one must be psychosocial), and identify one person-centered goal for each issue. (300 words equivalent*)

3- Provide your rationale for your care plan and with reference to current literature and evidence based practice. (750 words)



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