Please look at topics to choose from. I was thinking about the overuse of antibiotics.

Choose 1 contemporary health care issue that has not been previously analyzed in a discussion question or Individual Project where legal and ethical considerations are oppositional. Some examples include:
– Late term abortion
– Assisted suicide
– Medical treatment for the elderly or terminally ill
– Donor organ harvesting and transplantation

– Identify and evaluate the relevant ethical and legal factors that are inherent in the chosen issue.
– Research and analyze any high visibility cases in the public domain that pertain to the chosen issue, and present key findings.
– Identify and explain the impact of at least 3 state or federal laws that are relevant to the issue.
– Present a summary of the impact of the issue based on available decision-making options from the provider, patient, and administrator perspectives.

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I have included many references and attached files to help you complete this assignment. From the information included you should have no trouble creating a 5-7 page paper. I have used material that is pertinent to your chosen topic of antibiotic overuse.

The World Health Organization has deemed antimicrobial resistance one of three top priorities. Since the introduction of antibiotics many life-threatening diseases have been halted. Bacteria once deadly were rendered harmless and killed with the introduction of penicillin. Since then numerous antibiotics have been developed to treat specific bacteria or as broad-spectrum antibiotics to kill groups of bacteria. Unfortunately, what started as a powerful lifesaver has now created life-threatening organisms.

Overtime bacteria adapt to the drugs used to destroy infections. Initially, the development of new and stronger or more effective antibiotics was ongoing. This gave multiple options to treat the same organisms. In the last few decades fewer new antibiotics have been developed, limiting new options in treatment. This coupled with overuse of existing antibiotics has created the rising resistant organism crisis……………….

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